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That innovation leads to easier access to services and programs at a lower cost to taxpayers.

Tangible results can be found by bring people together to get the job DONE!

Inclusive community hubs which connect residents to make strong, vibrant, and safe neighbourhoods.

His residents deserve regular communication to keep them informed with fast and reliable follow-up when they contact his office.



    • Creating an online road system of life cycle system.

    • Championing the ward in the Transportation Master Plan review.


    • Pat Clark Centre & Earl Armstrong Arena renovations will create better places for programming and services.


    • Stage 1 to run in November 2018

    • Stage 2 very important it’s done right, communicated properly and with as little disruption as possible.


    • A stronger presence in vulnerable communities.


    • Keeping taxes low with innovation, technology, and a streamlined common sense processes.

A STRONG Voice at City Hall. 
Vote for Results. #Tim4Ottawa

“In my 8 years serving you at City Hall I have worked hard to make a difference.  I am proud of the work that we have done together to improve our communities.”
Tim Tierney, City Councillor for Beaconhill-Cyrvill Ward 2010-present.
Candidate for re-election 2018


With your support we have helped improve the city & our neighbourhoods in the following ways:

Innovation → Advocating to cut through bureaucracy and to find ways to streamline processes and leverage technology at city hall for efficient & cost effective solutions.

Tangible Results → By championing resident vision & solving community needs with concrete results & facilities.

Community Connections → Bringing residents together in an inclusive environment so they can collaborate to create Stronger, Safer Communities.

Improved Communication → Using both planned consistent communication and a focus on responsiveness in my office to keep residents informed.


-Delivered on the Richcraft Sensplex, a $26M partnership with the Ottawa Senators Hockey Club we create much-needed ice in the east and new jobs for the community.

-Opened the First ever Ward Office for residents to be able to engage my office locally.

-Scheduled Community Updates keeping residents informed on ward issues & updates with our Quarterly Newsletter, email updates, and social media.

-Moving Recreations Bookings Online we made new services available; facility bookings, tendering, incidents reporting and one stop shopping opportunities.

See complete list at TimTierney.ca/TermOne


-Championing the Multi-Use Paths now installed on Shefford, Cyrville & Ogilvie created connections amongst our communities.  (Tangible Results)

-Pat Clark Centre Renovations will give the Senior and Youth a modern space to connect with exciting programming and services. (Tangible Results)

-Vision Jasmine created a model for championing community safety by engaging residents, Ottawa police and community resources. . (Community Connections)

-The soon to be opened Pineview Community Hub & Beacon Hill Community Center renovations continue to give our neighbourhoods local facilities for programming and services. (Community Connections)

-Advocating for Police Background checks to be moved online now allows volunteers & professionals to be vetted efficiently with less time wasted.  (Innovation)

See complete list at TimTierney.ca/TermTwo


-I will continue to advocate for the Online Road Resurface & Life Cycle program to give the community & whole city a true picture of Ottawa road conditions. (Innovation)

-Stage 2 Light Rail & Montreal Station will represent the 3rd LRT stop in our ward, creating greater connectivity within the community and with our neighbours and great efficiencies with bus routes that run On-Time! (Tangible Results)

-In the 2019 Transportation Master Plan review I will ensure that Blair & Cyrville are evaluated to have dedicated bus, cycling & driving lanes as well as safe sidewalks. (Community Connectivity)

-Renovations to the Earl Armstrong Arena will create a better community space for the area.  (Community Connectivity)

-Share the “Vision Jasmine” process, Championing Community Safety with engaged citizens with the Community Hub Model.  (Community Connectivity)


-Streamlining transportation

-Personalized, citizen specific communications

-Growth planning / Future Planning

-New modern Central Library & Archives Canada

A STRONG Voice at City Hall. 
Vote for Results. #Tim4Ottawa


“Tim is a tireless worker who gets results for the community. His collaboration and team approach between all three levels of government that makes delivering those results happen.”
~ Member of Parliament Mona Fortier

“Tim is a major force for small business in our ward. He has moved mountains and helped us grow.”
~ Josh McJannett, Dominion City owner

“Tim is fearless, honest as the day is long and cares deeply for family, community and country. He doesn’t posture, he gets things done. His accomplishments are many and his work ethic is unquestionable. In short Tim ROCKS!! “
~ Tim Nellis, President of Gloucester Centre Minor Hockey

“Tim is a rare and exceptional leader who has proven himself time and again with leadership, ability, ideas, vision and energy. Tim’s talent and desire to create a compelling vision for community growth and his ability to rally the community around him is second to none.  While I certainly endorse his re-election to city council, Tim’s extraordinary experience, abilities and enthusiasm that will ensure Tim will be an effective and successful future Mayor in our beautiful City of Ottawa”
~ Seema Aurora, Rothwell Heights Resident